Alexei (Lex) Falco – vocals, piano
Michail (Mike) Zalucky – guitars
Dmitry (Mi) Budzko – bass
Stanislav (Stak) Budzko – electronics
Alexei (Gul) Galesnik – drums

Weesp formed in the middle of 00s in Minsk, Belarus and in 2009 released the first record of the band - ‘Taste of Steel’ EP.


Weesp performed at numerous concerts and festivals, including those in Baltic countries, all over CIS, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. The band also released a few singles and EPs during that period.


In 2015 the band released their first long play album ‘The Void’, recorded by Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Records (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader). The album features 13 songs, two of which were done in collaboration with Cory Brandan from Norma Jean. Band kept touring across Europe.


The band has released the ‘illumination’ single at the end of 2017, together with the official video, and announced the second LP album name ‘Black Sails’. The band community noticed significant change of style and sound of the band.

Weesp are standing against the dictation of society’s conservative values. The band’s music is about finding one’s own path, it’s about hard choices, dreams and passion, about being different.


Tell us about the new material and how it differs from the rest.

On April 5th we have finally released the album.

Dynamic, diverse and wholesome Black Sails album is a 40-minute trip that consists of 9 tracks and is full of heavy riffing, melodic ballads, anger, pain and hope. The album sounds much heavier in both music and lyrical sense but at the same time, it preserves the same bright emotional message that’s typical for us - Weesp.

How's the writing process?

We usually compose songs together, at the studio. Sometimes it’s fast and inspired. Sometimes it’s pain in the ass with fights and loud swearing. Good thing is that we stay friends despite our opinion often differs. We prefer to go to the studio with pretty much understanding what we are going to do there and what do we want to get. Most of the songs are completely ready before we start recording. But sometimes we do exclusions. For example we recorded ‘Beware The Blind Spots’ without a single rehearsal. It comes from everyday. All the events and people around. We like catching a mood, a condition of mind, a feeling - you know, all that short moments when you feel alive. All our songs are created from feelings, emotions, experiences that guided us. Each song has some kind of history or strong experience under it - this is the main source of musical inspiration.

What do you find yourself listening to the most lately? As a band or on their own.

Totally amazing release from Madball. Old school New York hardcore - fell in love with it a long time ago, if you know what i mean. Then goes the awesome EP from Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch. And finally - Dope D.O.D.The System Reboot album.

If you guys have to bring back one band or tour from the past to play a show with or be on the tour which would it be and why?

We've toured a lot with our friends from Berlin 'Redlake Circus'. Really cool guys with beautiful music and a lot of living energy. They were really a pleasure to hang out with.

Check Redlake Circus out here https://www.facebook.com/RedlakeCircus/.

Actually we’re already planning winter tour with these guys.

Any good tour or show stories?

Lex (our vocal singer) loves to climb on stuff that stand on the scene. It might be amplifiers, drums, loudspeakers and etc. The most wild and funny climbing was when we were playing our solo a show in Zyrardow(the void tour 2016 in Poland). We played in a club where audience can watch the show from 2 floors. And I don’t know why but on one of our songs Lex decided to climb to the 2nd floor straight from the scene using amplifiers for it. That was awesome. The funniest thing was that then he didn’t even have an idea how to get off from there. Finally he made it while listening to a snare roll like in a circus.

If someone were to listen to you guys for the first time, what song would you want them to check out and why.

I think it should be ‘Who we are’. Firstly, the track reflects the music direction our band moves to. Well, in the second the name speaks for itself. This track opens our new album 'Black Sails', and has music video. Just check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_22hcUyy9jY

Whats the plan for 2018?

The latest thing is the release of our new video on our channel on YouTube on 15th of June for the track 'Black Sails' from the new album. This video is amazing! Also we are already at the final stage of preparing acoustic versions of some of our tracks. Of course we will make a studio live session and write everything down to show to our listeners. ThEn we start to write some new singles to film new videos for you, guys! And on top of it - alot of live shows!

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