Last night we caught Waterparks as well as Super Whatevr in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Super Whatevr is currently on tour opening for Waterparks in promotion of their 2018 release titled 'Never Nothing'. As the band came on stage for their sound check, they discovered that Skyler's amp was damaged. Despite the technical difficulties, the crowd was kept entertained by the singing and chanting. After finding a solution to the guitar amp dilemma, Super Whatevr owned the crowd with their interactive stage presence. Although their set was cut short due to the technical difficulties, Super Whatevr definitely put on a show to remember.

As the lights dimmed the room roared with the screams of fans. Waterparks emerged from the thick haze on stage as the crowd still cheered. The band played their energetic and captivating song titled 'Blonde'. The front row didn't hold back, jumping and screaming every word right back at Awsten. Geoff jumped around on stage playing guitar and creating more excitement with every strum. Later in the show Awsten, Geoff, and Otto battled it out on stage, giving each other as many compliments as possible. During their encore songs, the entire venue went wild, with numerous crowd surfers and moshing during every song. Openers Super Whatevr and De'Wayne Jackson joined the crowd in dancing and singing along. Overall, Waterparks owned the night and left a mark on Greensboro with their music.


Super Whatevr