Meet the team!

Without our team, we wouldn't be where we are today. Meet the people that make this happen!

Howdy! I'm Michael. 28 years young and from Richmond, VA. Professional Wedding photographer by day, concert photographer by night. There's nothing that stops me from picking up my camera and with concert photography I'm always challenged with something new and I'm forever learning something new. I started Varsity Music Magazine to showcase everything music. I hope you enjoy!

Hiya! Name’s Karyssa Leigh. 23 year old photographer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having been a photographer since 2010, I started seriously taking steps towards concert photography in August of 2017. Since 2010 I was attracted to the work of other concert photographers for how candid and raw these photos are, which is what I love so much about what I do. You catch people in the moment; not posed and doing what they love. Music releases so much emotion, and to capture these things makes is what makes it special. 
Side note: Karyssa is also the person behind our Instagram!

Hi! My name is Rob McKenney and I’m a photographer from the Washington D.C area. As a musician first, I’m motivated by trying to capture the kinds of images I wish I could have had of myself in my performing days. While most would call me a concert photographer, I consider myself a portrait photographer who happens to shoot subjects on a stage. I’m always trying to see past the lights and fog to capture the essence of the people performing and not the persona they put on for the crowds. You can find me on Instagram @_robmckenney