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Members - Mik Crone - Guitar, Jake Coxon - Vocals, Ben Taylor - Bass, Chris Lambert - Drums

The Sourheads take influence from the great classic rock bands of the 60's and 70's and combine it with the more alternative bands of modern day. The band feel that it is important to not follow any specific scene yet they fit into multiple genres and play with different styles of bands. In 2016 they wrote their first album 'Care Plan For The Soul' mastered by famed produce Pete Maher ( The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, U2) the band signed with German Label Oak Island Records in the spring of 2017 and will be releasing the debut album worldwide on Vinyl, CD and digitally.

The secret to the style of music The Sourheads are is that each member is influenced by different styles of music. There are elements of british bands such as Kasabian and Inspiral Carpets, classic bands such as Iggy and the Stooges, The Doors, and heavier bands such as Kyuss, Queens of the stone age, and Clutch. This along with an explosive live show makes The Sourheads a band not to be missed who have gained a loyal following throughout the UK and Europe.

Tell us about the new material and how it differs from the rest.

We set out our vision of fusing multiple genre's on our debut album ‘Care Plan For The Soul’.  We are all influenced by classic Rock, some of us indie some of us 70s rock. We are punk, garage rock, blues and classic rock thrown into a blender. We like to feel that we are ourselves most importantly. We are four strong completely different people who when together form our unique vision.

How's the writing process?

It can be frustrating sometimes but always creative. Ben or Me usually come up with riffs or grooves and Jake writes the lyrics later. We all contribute to the finished product. Because we all have different tastes it can sometimes be tricky agreeing on the sound. In the latest batch of writing we are channeling dirty blues. A strong Doors LA Woman influence.

What do you find yourself listening to the most lately? As a band or on their own.

Depends on which member. Jake likes The Doors and Oasis. The Cult are usually on someone's stereo. Ben Likes Pearl Jam and Radiohead.  Our friends Red Spektor get blasted out alot. Early Whitesnake.. Deep Purple, Black Sabbath. Anything that is true and not manufactured.

If you guys have to bring back one band or tour from the past to play a show with or be on the tour which would it be and why?

Kansas were pretty good back in the day. Van Halen in the 70s would be cool. Motley Crue in the 80s. The Stones. Again because we all like different things its hard to just say one band. Madonna, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa.. Too many

Any good tour or show stories?

Jake claims that when we perform our song Demon he channels a supernatural presence. It enters through his spine. I have witnessed his rabid behaviour in this song many times. Just the other week I was speaking to a infamous rock radio DJ about this. I pointed it out on stage. Sure enough the writhing started. Foaming at the mouth, your general possession stuff.

Thoughts on this year being the final cross country warped tour.

It is always a shame when great traditions end. Lollapalooza was the same for a while, Monsters of Rock changed to Download. I think the super groups are coming to an end and everything is going back to the underground. This is important as it takes the music for commercial gain away. The artists start to get recognised again. Scenes get started again. It goes full circle. I'm sure Warped will return again at some point maybe as a nostalgia thing or maybe as a vehicle for fresh new music.

If someone were to listen to you guys for the first time, what song would you want them to check out and why.

Don't Get Caught ( I am the Lotus) is a good start. Actually the songs are pretty varied the best thing to do would be to stream or album. This will give you a true idea of what we are. If you like us we also have vinyl and cds out there in the world.

Whats the plan for 2018?

We have some summer festivals coming up then we take a break and finish writing our second album. We love playing live and recording equally as much so it's all good. Every day in the band is great so it's more of the same. Check out our site for news and shows.

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