Saving Vice

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About the band

Vocals / Tyler Small
Vocals / Chase Papariello
Guitar / Zach Racicot
Guitar / Cody Grant
Drums / Evan Harwood
Bass / Robbie Litchfield

Saving Vice is an American post-metalcore band from New England founded by bassist Robbie Litchfield in late 2015. Litchfield soon added college classmate and drummer Evan Harwood, guitarist Zach Racicot and vocalist Chase Papariello. It wasn't until later on that the band included the final pieces of their lineup, vocalist Tyler Small and guitarist Cody Grant. Since their debut in early 2017, Saving Vice has shared the stage with acts like Through the Eyes of the Dead, Unearth, Convictions, It Lies Within, Tear Out The Heart and The Devil Wears Prada. The group’s high energy live performances, catchy choruses, and hard-hitting riffs aided by the chemistry created by the dual vocalists helped them make their mark on the local New England scene.

After a successful summer run across the northeast, the band took time to work on their upcoming EP and is set to release their first single, "Exhale” on January 12, 2018. The sound and energy Saving Vice has brought to the current heavy music scene is both refreshing and nostalgic. Their sound is reminiscent of early metalcore coupled with a modern, electronic edge. Simple and poppy, yet unapologetically brutal and dark.


Exhale Single Review 

Saving Vice is about to release a new single on the 12th and let me be the first to tell you, it’s something you definitely want to take a listen to.

I’m not going to lie, I’m usually not a fan of bands with two separate vocalists but these guys have perfected and “Exhale” shows it! High screams mixed with the lows brings the sounds together.

The lyrics are superb and the production is that of national bands. Everything from the synth between verses to the way the snare and bass drum hit at the perfect time.

As for the video, it's top notch quality. It definitely shows you don't need some elaborate scene to tell an amazing story. How one person shuts themselves out away from everything but can still have a conflict within themselves, I'm sure speaks to a ton of people.

It’s amazing and we’re super excited to hear the rest!

The interview
Interview by Michael Phillips | Answered by Tyler Small

Where did the name “Saving Vice” come from?
The name in and of itself means "the vice that saves you." For us, that vice is music itself, but it also comes into play that we want to be a saving vice for anyone who our music reaches. 

What type of band are you?
We classify ourselves as a "post-metalcore" band. We tried to bring a lot of elements of metalcore and post hardcore into our sound and the end result was something that really didn't quite feel like one or the other. When you hear our songs they all sound like Saving Vice but none of them sound the same. This was always something important to stand out in such a saturated market.

Tell us the brief history of your band.
Saving Vice was founded by Robbie in late 2015. He soon added Evan, Zach and Chase thereafter. It wasn't until later on they included me into the mix as their clean vocalist. I joined in late 2016. The last piece of the band, Cody, was added this past summer to take over on lead guitar. Since our 2017 debut, we've shared the stage with a lot of dope bands like Through the Eyes of the Dead, Unearth, Convictions, Tear Out The Heart, It Lies Within and The Devil Wears Prada. We recently took a break from playing shows to focus on new music that we're looking forward to sharing with the world this year!

What are your biggest influences?
This is a hard question as we all have so many different tastes, which I actually think is why our music is so diverse. If I had to pick a few bands specifically that you might hear influences from in our songs I would say Architects, Asking Alexandria, Underoath, Blessthefall and maybe The Plot in You to name a few. These are bands we all listen to to some degree, but there's also some hardcore and pop punk flavor sprinkled in there if you listen for it.

How is the song writing process for you guys?
We start out with guitar concepts almost always and then add drums to the mix as well as other midi instruments. I find writing lyrics separate over time and finding the right song to use them in works best. I can't force inspiration so I have to write stuff down as it comes to me and save it up. Robbie and Zach write a lot of our songs instrumentally and Evan adds his drums as they pass along. At the very end, Chase and I collaborate and go back and forth over the songs until we get the vocals just right. Our duality makes it so we can pick whose writing or whose vocal style should be more present or dominant depending on the context and sound of the song.

Any labels you guys are looking to hop on with?
I think when the time comes and its the right fit a lot of labels would be awesome to work with. I could definitely say if we could pick any labels though, it would probably be Sumerian, Fearless, Rise or SharpTone. They've all put out records for the majority of the bands we would blend with best musically. I believe a deal with any of those labels would be mutually beneficial for both of us!

With this new single coming out, how do you feel your music has changed since the first singles you guys released?
It's matured a lot, more cohesive and put together. We've put far more time and patience into these songs than before because when things started I don't think any of us had any idea what to expect. It was just fun. We loved performing our old songs but there was something missing and I believe these songs not only finally shine among other bands but really sound unique and complete.

Whats your opinion on music streaming?
It is what it is. We made our name from our live performance. Streaming is just a part of the times. You always hope people who support you most will pay for your music but that's not how bands make their living anymore. Yeah, I'm as guilty as anyone else -- having a library of infinite songs and artists at my finger tips. Although, it's important to note that I will always buy a physical album if I really love a band and their work. You kind of go into it these days hoping to just get your music in peoples hands and ears anyway you can. I don't care if people buy our single as long as they love it, listen to it, tell their friends about it, and come out to our shows and buy some merch.

If you had to describe going to one of your shows in one word what would it be?
Refreshing. There are some amazing musicians and there are some amazing performers, but you don't often get both at the same time anymore. Even some artists I love have disappointed me with their live set -- and we never want that. I want someone to find a live video of us and wish they were there. Every show we've played, big or small, we always manage to get the crowd moving, excited, and off their feet. We give every show 100%, even if there's ten people in a room. I believe it's the biggest reason we are where we are now.

If you could pick your “dream lineup” to tour with, who would it be with?
I'm speaking for everyone here, but if we had to choose: Architects, Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park.

What’s your favorite city/venue to play at?
So far I have to say Jupiter Hall in Albany, NY was the coolest venue I've ever played at. The setup is insane. There's even a restaurant and arcade in it as well and it's all within a mall, weirdly enough. I couldn't think of a better place to stop on a run.

Whats a city/venue you guys want to play at?
We're really hoping to play at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. We all grew up watching bands there and it's sort of our hometown hub. It's at the top of our list for sure.

And lastly, what are you plans for 2018?
If only I was allowed to say haha I will leave you with this: expect some big SV shows and new music.