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The Path Less Traveled


If you have yet to check out the Canadian hard rock band, The Path Less Travelled, you’re missing out. Having been around since 2012, these Calgary locals have had the chance to open for big names from Wage War to Silverstein, Seaway to CKY to Finger Eleven. The Path Less Travelled blends punk, metal, and radio rock and with the release of “Legacy”, they really show what they have up their sleeve. I got a chance to talk to Scott about the new music video.

What inspired “Legacy”?
Scott told me that when they wrote the song, it felt ambitious but felt right. The song is about how you want your own legacy to portray you. It starts off having a bad legacy, like a villain, and talks about how you can change and be more of a hero, leaving behind a positive legacy.

Who directed and shot the video?
The video was a partnered effort with JD Dirom, being shot and edited from him. Exterior shots were filmed by Zach Kelley.

How did TPLT come to form?
Scott had told me all about the formation of The Path Less Travelled. Scott had met Jordan when Jordan’s band Royal Blood called it quits in 2012. From there, the two decided to form a punk rock band. At this time Scott was in a paramedical class. “I wore a blink-182 sweatshirt to class one day, and someone told me they liked my sweatshirt. That’s how I met Mike.” Scott recalls. They played their first show in Spokane, WA, opening for The Almost (side project of Aaron Gillespie of Underoath).
I was curious as to how they came up with the name. The boys had grown up religious, but over the years found that religion can carry a negative connotation, and wanted to evolve away from that. “We are so grateful for the moral compass it provided, however decided that the value of relationships wehad with others was greater than what we believe.” Scott explained. “The Path Less Travelled comes from the fact that, religiously, we took the path less travelled.”

The Path Less Travelled will be opening for PVRIS in Calgary, AB this month on April 26th.


The Wonder Years - Sisters Cities Album Review

Review by Karyssa Leigh

It’s 2018 and The Wonder Years are still coming out swinging. Since The Greatest Generation these
musicians have tried a slightly new sound with every album, taking on different concepts and pretty
heavy writing material. The Greatest Generation being about growing up and watching the people your
age go further in life, No Closer To Heaven tackling immigration, racism, drug addiction, abuse, and
mental illness; and now Sister Cities. An album tackling what it’s like to be lost and trying to find your
way out of the dark, set to release April 6th , 2018.

I’m not going to bother going song by song, because there isn’t a single bad song on this record.
However, I’m rather going to discuss elements of this release; first and foremost, the imagery. Every
song on this offers a specific imagery to it. So much so that you can put yourself in a setting to hear, see,
smell, and taste everything you could if you were there. The lyrics have an impact on your senses, your
memories, your nostalgia, your emotions, and makes you long for times you didn’t even have. It
provides memories you never experienced but feels like you did by how clear Dan Campbell sings about

The music has also evolved. Taking a trip back in time to The Upsides, then back to Sister Cities, you
recognize a stronger, more mature sound. You recognize more reverb, more overdrive, and more
creative riffs. You can recognize a different tuning, more similar to No Closer To Heaven. There is no
doubt that even lyrics aside, this band is nothing short or talented. These people are incredible
musicians and it shows.

This album gives you hope, gives you goosebumps, will make you cry, and make you long for a breath of
fresh air. This album encapsulates the feeling of needing to pack your bags and leave to go out and find
yourself. This album sparks inspiration and motivation. This is the album every music fan needed, and
didn’t know they did.

TIA SPROCKET EP_preview.jpeg

Tia Sprocket - Lady Jane EP Review

“Lady Jane” is a posthumous EP from the late Tia Sprocket. Sprocket in her day was an underground
rock legend, having drummed for Ministry, played bass in Luscious Jackson and with Shooter Jennings’
band, and worked with Hank Williams III. In 2017, she succumbed to addiction, however left behind
recordings from her last years with us. Her family has decided to work with Dave Collins, whom has
worked with the likes of Black Sabbath and Jane’s Addiction, to remaster the tracks.
The first song on the album, the title track, “Lady Jane” comes out strong with a Jefferson Airplane meets
Joan Jett vibe. Raspy vocals, wide rage, spot on vocal harmonies, moody lyrics, soft tambourine, and
catchy acoustic guitar. You can almost instantly understand the vibe of the song, being about a
mysterious wandering woman; using symbolism of the colour black and dark alley ways.
Track two on the EP picks it up a bit. If you ever found yourself bobbing your head to The Runaways’ hit
“Cherry Bomb”, you will find yourself tapping your toes to this. To quote the song itself, this song “is rock
and rolls creation”. Fun lyrics, an upbeat rock and roll rhythm, distorted electric guitars and cranked
overdrive, dark vocals and audible snare, “90,000 Volts” is everything this world has ever wanted in rock
and roll.
Track three starts off subtle, yet just as strong as the rest. With her first line stating, “I am the overlord of a
bad dream”, and a title like “Bad Seed” this one is a heartbreaker’s anthem. This track is oozing
toughness. The classic “go to hell” every album should have if you want to make rock music.
“Earth” is the last track, and for a reason. This acoustic ballad shows the pain and loss of innocence, yet
hope and optimism she felt; writing about the astonishing phenomena of this earth, combined with the
conflict of human emotion and psyche. It ends this EP with a sobering message of conflict between
beauty and pain, stating “all the waves I’ve seen, they don’t compare to what’s going on in the middle of
me”. You can hear her heartache, yet she turns it into this song and still compares it to the allure of the
All in all, this album shares emotion, strength, ruggedness, fun, and encompasses the scene she shone
brightest in. This album is the definition of underground rock and roll.




Underoath’s back from hiatus and they did not come to play. With the release of their newest record set
for April 6 th , 2018, the have defined musical evolution. Erase Me sticks to their religious message but
also takes a new turn-writing about the anger of the current state of politics and how the people in this
world treat each other. The message behind the record is powerful, and it shows. Having released “On
My Teeth” and “Rapture” already, the world is about ready for this record to come out.


The first song on the album, appropriately named “It Has To Start Somewhere” touches back on their
roots with a sound similar to Define The Great Line. However, continuing on in the album shows a newer
sound; more similar to metalcore or alternative rock than screamo. As we’ve seen talked about on
Twitter by Spencer, they’ve grown a lot.

Throughout the rest of the record, you can hear a more mature sound, not offering the same nostalgia
for our emo phases as listening to They’re Only Chasing Safety would. You can hear more vocal effects,
more clean vocals, less heavy, simpler riffs, and a little more digital integration that what we’re used to;
however providing catchier vocal melodies, more powerful lyrics, more emotion, and meaning. Songs
like “Hold Your Breath” and “I Gave Up” almost offering more of a ballad feeling to them in the choruses
with heavier verses.

Erase Me not only offers a new sound, but also a new talking point for the band. Spoken on by Aaron, a
huge talking point for this album is struggle both internally and societally. This album touches on both
the feelings of feeling lost and searching for reason, in a society that isn’t necessarily helping. We see
many bands speak on political issues, but for Underoath, this is new. However sticking to their Christian
beliefs, you hear them asking God for salvation and reason, not just for oneself but also for this world.
All and all, Underoath is coming back strong and healthy, and it absolutely shows in their music. Despite
a different sound, this record just shows how far they have come and how much they have grown as a
band, as musicians, as songwriters, and as people.


Hot Mulligan - Pilot Album Review

Review by Karyssa Leigh

What do you get when you together Knuckle Puck, Man Overboard, and a dash of Tiny Moving Parts? A
Michigan pop punk band signed to No Sleep Records that goes by the name of Hot Mulligan. This five
piece has stayed slightly under the radar only having released singles and the EP Opportunities.

Following their newest release, Pilot, and first full length record, these guys are drawing attention their
way going on tour with the likes of Knuckle Puck, Boston Manor, and Free Throw; and it’s well deserved.
To start, Pilot is incredibly catchy. Does it have your stereotypical pop punk lyrics about missing
someone you loved? Yes. However, the way these lyrics are written are more than just that. They took
the stereotype and turned it on its head, offering a more vivid image of what is being missed and the
longing for it. The lyrics aren’t just vivid, but also relatable. They take you back to the feeling of losing
your first love and wishing you could do anything to have them back, especially if you were the one who
messed up.

Throughout the album you can hear a lot of Tiny Moving Parts influence, specifically in songs like “All
You Wanted by Michelle Branch”, “I Hate The Gooey Disk”, “-whispers- Thank You”, and “There Was A
Semi Fight On I-69”. You can hear subtle or outward tapping sections on the guitars, creating a more
math rock/Midwest emo vibe than pop punk. In tracks like “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells”,
they have a bigger synch part, offering more of a pop-y synth sound. All and all, as pop punk as the
album is, it’s still diverse in its sound. If you listen for the drums, they also offer a more diverse sound
than your everyday pop punk band.

Pilot is the so far, one of the best releases of the best releases to come out of 2018, and if you haven’t
heard it yet you are making a mistake. This record is going to be the absolute best summer record to
listen to with the windows down. It’s the record pop punk and emo kids didn’t know they needed but

Photo by: 📸  Christian Lawrence  

Photo by: 📸 Christian Lawrence 

VRSTY Neon - Song and Video Review

Review by Karyssa leigh

VRSTY is a genre all of their own. Brought to you from, none other than, New York, these boys mix two
unlikely genres and make it work so well. Taking inspiration from R&B, post hardcore, and metalcore,
these boys have created something for the fans of Issues, Slaves, and Dance Gavin Dance with their own
The song “Neon” incorporates R&B beats and clean vocals, metalcore screams and breakdowns, post
hardcore rhythms, and a tinge of electronic integration. This single is a song about the struggle of
coming out of a dark place, being depressed and suicidal, but cutting out the toxic people from your life
and allowing yourself to rise from the ashes and to get better; to learn how to love yourself and put
yourself first. The message of the song is that of self-worth and self-empowerment.
The music video is shot in a dark ally, that has a mysterious vibe to it. The way it was shot and edited
also adds a nostalgic VHS feel too it. The static, the light glares, and the blue tones, all offer a very 80s
vibe, yet keeping it current with the song and the location and the outfit. It feels like you’re watching an
old home video that was shot in 2018, not short of the time stamp and the “PLAY” in the bottom left of
the screen.
All in all, praise be with the guys in VRSTY for putting out a solid track and an eye catching music video.


Godsmack - When Legends Rise Review

Review by Karyssa Leigh

Godsmack, having been around since 1995, is known for their dark, grungy, alternative hard rock.
Frontman Sully Erna’s deep vocals can be picked out of a crowd, and the group’s sound is nothing short
of unique and distinguishable. From Metal Edge Readers Choice to Boston Music Awards, and Billboard
to the Grammy’s, Godsmack continues to show us why they deserve the eight nominations and ten wins
they have received. It’s 2018 and as the band gets older, they just hit harder. The new record, When
Legends Rise, is set to drop April 27 th , 2018. Drum roll please!

No, literally. The album starts off hot off the press with a rhythmic drum roll, which is quite symbolic of
what they’re about to deliver. The first track starts the album off with a punch to the gut and a catchy
chorus, fun riffs and powerful drumming. When returning to the roots of their 1999 hit “Voodoo”, you
see a major difference. The band has taken on a more alternative rock sound, more like that of Breaking
Benjamin or System Of A Down, rather than their grungy hard rock they carried when they first started.
Is this change bad though? The complete opposite. They’ve gradually moved away from an
unapologetically dark sound, and more into an alt sound and they’ve perfected it with this record. Of
course, this wouldn’t be a good rock album without a ballad—which is a beautiful love song.

But the records key point to touch on isn’t just about the sound; it’s the message. Listening to the lyrics
of this album, there’s a lot of mention on rising above. This album sends an incredibly positive message
about bettering yourself, opening up, holding yourself to a higher standard, and being the person you
want to be. It’s going to be one of the top influential albums of 2018.

Godsmack hit the mark with this album. Metal, alternative, and rock n roll fans alike will fall in love with
this record. The bar has been set, try to top it.

Saving Vice - Colder Than Dark EP Review

Review by Karyssa leigh


Saving Vice is a New England metalcore band that describes themselves as poppy and simple, but
unapologetically dark and brutal; giving you Lower Than Atlantis, Secrets, Palisades, and Color Morale
vibes. Having only been a project since 2017, they have already shared the stage with bands like The
Devil Wears Prada and Unearth. With the release of Colder Than Dark, their newest EP, they show
exactly why they deserve that stage.

The first song, “Hell Here”, starts off with a crescendo to an instrumental leading into screams and then
clean vocals. This starts the EP off strong with blast beats and a break down that draws you in. All
leading up to a melodic bridge with dramatic clean vocals, that climaxes the song, and finishes off the
song strong with the same amount of power; coming to a close with a mosh call, blast beats, and a break
down to total silence; showing you that even at the end of this, they’re only beginning.

The second song, “Run To You” starts off with a soft riff and clean vocals with emotion. You can hear the
heartbreak and struggle in the lyrics, hitting you hard with the lyric “even if I lost myself, I’d still run to
you”. This is a song clearly about needing that one person to lean on to help you be okay again after an
internal battle, and the meaning is so meticulously conveyed. This song, although having a simpler
instrumental patter, packs its punch with the strength of the vocals, specifically the cleans. Ending on a
very Vice note with a breakdown and a fade out.

The third song, “Euthanasia” (featuring Rory Rodriguez) comes in just as strong as the first, really
bringing the metal to metalcore; giving you strong screams and getting right down to business with a
mini breakdown just a minute in. With a quick clip of digital integration, you prepare yourself for a
strong chorus to come in with the clean vocals, getting into the raw emotion of the song, then ending
with a very post hard core melody.

The penultimate track, “Once More” starts off with a melodic riff and vocals drowned in delay and
reverb giving you a vintage, dreamy sound, conveying another very emotional bond to the song. It picks
up and gives you a very metalcore sounding ballad, with a very original twist.
Ending the EP with a classic metalcore track, “Black Ice” meshes poppy guitar riffs with more blast beats
and break downs, and melodic clean vocals with hardcore, heavy hitting screams. This finishes the EP
with a fun song that leaves you wanting more.

This EP is a ride from start to finish. It is eclectic, it serves energy, and gives you the same passion you
want out of all of today’s music. Big ups to Saving Vice for representing New England metalcore the way
it should be.

2018 Lunatic Luau 

Breaking the trend of rain and mud during the last few festivals, Saturday's Lunatic Luau, hosted by FM 99 WNOR and held at the Veteran's United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, held with the forecast of perfect spring temps and sunshine. 

A crowd estimated to be 13,000 strong enjoyed a two stage set up with alternating acts featuring Stone Sour, Tremonti, Sevendust, and Stone Temple Pilots with a headlining band of 90's alt/rock fame Alice in Chains for the grand finale.

The festival started off on a strong note by Va Beach locals and battle of the bands winners RVNT (pronounced “revenant”) that brought booming bass and hard core energy to devoted fans. Bands at the start of the festival were unfortunately limited to 20 and 30 minute sets, just enough to give a taste and leave you wishing for more.Next up on main stage was Tremonti, a project by Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed fame. Obviously on the rise and a talent on his own, dressed in black and with a determination of purpose written on his face.

Unlocking the Truth followed RVNT on side stage, a group of young men hailing from New York and working on their craft and developing their sound since 2016. Main stage brought favorites Sevendust, alternating with The Sword and back to the big stage by none other than Bullet for my Valentine. Bullet is planning to take full advantage of festival season by pumping up the excitement for their upcoming release “Gravity”, out June 29th.

Pop Evil took their turn on side stage, with a huge crowd rallying around them that made it clear that Pop Evil is ready for big time and bigger stages. After a 35 minute set, attention turned back to Stone Temple Pilots, now fronted by former X Factor finalist Jeff Gutt, whose movements and sound on stage eerily echoed late great original vocalist Scott Weiland.

It was no contest; of the evening, comedic Steel Panther stole the show with their off -color antics, bright costumes, and 80' hair band vibe. Members of other bands showed up to watch at side of stage in appreciation of the humor of Michael Starr and crew as they rocked the crowd into dusk, bringing young ladies onstage to do things that they couldn't (and shouldn't) tell mom and dad about at home.

The night ended with back to back performances by Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame fronting his other project, Stone Sour, followed by the classics of Alice in Chains. A great day filled with music and huge value for a $20 lawn ticket, eleven bands in one venue.

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Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Review

Review by : Justin Piaoan
"I will watch you suffer like a Good Consumer should.” croons Tilian and he is absolutely right.

Dance Gavin Dance’s new album Artificial Selection left us absolutely speechless. This is their 5th consecutive release with frontmen Tilian Pearson and Jon Mess. With this record you can tell how comfortable they are playing off each other lyrically and are at the top of their game vocally. On the other hand Will Swan, Matt Mingus, and Tim Feerick sonically conjure a musical masterpiece. How Will Swan and company has the creative chops to make this record while writing for their respective other projects is beyond me.
Everyone has their time in the sun to showcase what they have to offer and they have accomplished what they set out do, which is to push the envelope and not repeat themselves. The one constant thing they do that never gets old is how they know how to open and close out a record. Son of Robot and Evaporate executes that constant variable flawlessly. For those who have been a fan of DGD will not be disappointed and this album can easily be a gateway album for those who have yet to be a part of the Gavin wave. For that reason, pre-order/buy this record, and stick by for what comes next.

Catch them on The Artificial Selection tour most from 5/26-6/21. Artificial Selection out June 8th!


Convictions - Hope For The Broken Album Review

Review by: Justin Pianoan

In an era to where heavy bands saturate the scene Ohio’s Heavy hitters, Convictions deliver something fresh once again with their new record “Hope for the Broken.” It stands as a great follow up to “I will become” and if there is one word that I could give to describe Convictions it is that they are “interesting”. Interesting in the fact that musically they tend to do more than your ordinary breakdowns, chugs for a song, placement for screams/cleans, and that everything they do is all killer no filler.

With “Hope for the broken“ they deliver all of this and more with powerful hooks that make you wanna scream and point your finger back at them, anthemic choruses, and catchy riffs that could make one do the Robert de Niro signature face of approval nod. At times Michael Felkers screams are reminiscent of Mike Hranica, and the sample work of BMTH while remaining in a league of their own. This record definitely has some cool special guests on it and those in-tune with the scene will be excited for it.

If I were to pick favorites though, I’d definitely say that “ The Storm will Pass” and “We are Violence” are the ones that hit home for me. For all of those lovers of heavy music with meaning, and all The sad boys and girls of the world who need a little jolt of something to believe in, this record is for you.

Catch Convictions on tour with Volumes, Upon A Burning Body, and White noise! “Hope for the Broken” Will be out June 1!







Dead Girls Academy - Alchemy

Review by: Justin Pianoan

How would I describe Alchemy by Dead Girls Academy? It is as if Michael Orlando and gang found the DeLorean, took it all the way to the 80’s and with their knowledge of everything catchy and riffy under the sun became Gods in their own respect. This record is engaging, energetic, fun and very different from what the music scene is pumping these days. Though carrying the mindset of I don’t give a fuck about what you think, these guys do care about the music. As a person who doesn’t typically listen to this part of the scene anymore, I appreciated it and had a great time. My top favorites from this album would have to Forever, Too Late, and Devil on My Shoulder. All in all Alchemy is a great record to usher in the Warped Tour vibes.

Catch them on the Owly.Fm stage June 21- July 8th this summer.
Alchemy is out June 15th everywhere!

Mayday Parade - Sunnyland Review

Review by : Justin Piaoan
I have had the pleasure of visiting Mayday Parades Sunnyland and let me tell you, this record does not let up. This record is solid proof that after 13 years of being a band, they still have that ability to reign you back into your feels. With the help of Zack Odom, Kenneth Mount, and John Feldman all of they help bring out all the best parts of Mayday Parade comes to fruition on this record.

At points, this record brings me back to how I felt when I first listened to Taking Back Sunday’s “Louder Now”, and for those who don’t know me, they are one of my favorite bands. The tone of the record is brilliant and executed well. Sunnyday is a departure from past material and you can really tell they rolled with the same mindset that had with making Black Lines and have really grown over the years. This Mayday Parade I hear on Sunnyday fits perfectly and bring an awesome dynamic to the Rise family.

A golden rule that I hold is that If there isn’t growth whilst creating, then why write at all? So cheers Mayday Parade on your 6th debut album and writing honest heartfelt music. Sunnyday is out NOW everywhere!


Lydia - Liquor

Liquor’s set  to release July  13th,  is the  album of  the summer  for every twenty-something  that feels lost and wants to  still enjoy their youth. The sound  is everything you love about Paint It  Golden and Devil, with more bass. Imagine if Youngblood Hawke and The Arctic Monkeys joined forces. The way Leighton Antelman wrote these lyrics, puts you in  every one of the songs. You can feel everything he’s singing about.  Listening to this record feels like he’s walking you through a summer  crazy but destructive romance.

The album starts with Sunlight and Friends, describing  summer nights getting drunk with friends and the person one loves. Recalling this  love, he talks about driving fast, drinking more, staying up all night; equating this  romance to something more fun and wild. Both songs very upbeat, sounding a lot more indie-pop  than previous records. Lie To Me changes the tone to show how hard he has fallen for this love.  This song is very upbeat in the verses with a hook that’s relaxing and sweet. While track four, Let  It Cover Me Up has a very Arctic Monkeys sound and starts to describe the differences between these two  lovers. How willing he is to accept these differences, nonetheless they are two very different people. Red Lights,  a single that’s been recently released, recalls the great parts of this romance wanting it back, claiming I’m not over  you. This song, despite its bittersweet story, is still fun in nature, laying heavy on the kick drum. Way You Want It has  a very dark tone to it, and shows that this love of his has moved on to get everything they wanted, like diamonds on their  neck. This is the true break up song of the album. Goodside, the first released single, gave us a little taste of the new sound.  It has darkness, a hip beat, bass, and a catchy melody, with the same indie rock vibes you love from them. This song is asking for this  love back, also saying he’s in no hurry, but whenever they’re ready. Gypsy, track eight, starts off somber, but when the beat kicks in, it’s  definitely a feel good song. He talks about being partners again, how he’ll go anywhere with them, and how they’re in love with him. Making a  reference to Jekyll and Hyde, describing them as inseparable. The album moves to Tourist, the penultimate track on the record. He starts to describe  how destructive this romance is, saying he has the devil in his eyes, and they are poison. He sings about the fear of doing down. This track has a  similar feel to Way You Want It, in that of being very dark with a heavy beat. Closing the album off with Way Out, this track starts off with very somber  piano. In comes the kick drum and starts off the feeling of hope and happiness. He sings about his partner’s wanderlust and how they’ve stayed too long in one  spot and is granting them a way out, knowing this won’t last. It’s a fresh sound, something new and exciting; coming complete with a beautiful story and layout.

Liquor is  going to be in everyone’s Top Ten for 2018 album releases. This whole album is like driving down the beach with the top down on a sunny day in July.


Six Feet Under - Unburied

Review by : Tom Hnno

Death metal gods, Six Feet Under, are back with a new album called Unburied. This slab is death metal
supremacy was released through Metal Blade Records on July 6th, and is 9 songs of exactly what one
would expect from Chris Barnes and Co. Barnes was the vocalist for death metal titans, Cannibal
Corpse, but left to form Six Feet Under. The band has been blazing a trail of death across the globe
every since!
Midnight in Hell is the epitome of what Six Feet Under dies so well. The second track on the album, and
easily my favorite song here. The guitars cut like razors into flesh, while Barnes growls about death like
it is his closest friend, and the drums propel the song forward with the skill of a butcher carving out the
flesh of the dead.
Gore Hungry Maniac is groove fueled, horror film lyrics from the devil himself, and has some of the best
guitar work on this record. This group never strays to far from their formula, but why fix what ist broke
anyway? Killer song all around.
The Perverse is pure death metal magic, sounding like early Cannibal Corpse a bit. The riffing on this
one is sick as fuck!! Barnes sounds possessed as he spits his demonic lyrics until the microphone, and
the song is just awesome! These riffs are insane, just brilliant guitar work all around.
As The Dying Scream, the second to last track, is slower, deadlier, and more evil sounding than any
other one we have discussed here. There is something about brutal riffs with slow tempos that excites
me greatly; then add in some quicker sections for flavoring, and you have the formula for great death
metal music.
Six Feet Under never disappoints me, and this album is no exception to that rule. I have always loved
Chris Barnes’ vocal sound, and that sound has gotten better with age it seems. Go grab this album is
you haven't already, because it is awesome!!

Found Wild, Good Ole War, & Anthony Green
Richmond, Va 07/31/2018 (Canal Club)

Review by: Whitney Dalton

          This show was everything that I had hope for and more. The energy in the room was gratifying and it set the perfect mood for the night. Everyone in the room was patiently waiting for Anthony Green's performance and it was neat to see all the smiles on their faces. To start the night off, a new band called, Found Wild, begun the show with such beautiful sound. They both were so passionate as they played their instruments and sung their hearts out. You could really feel their compassion and how hard they worked to create such an uplifting environment for the audience. The show continued with a band called Good Old War from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with their indie/folk influenced sound.  The sound that they produced made everyone get off their feets and dance the night away. Their stage performance was really entertaining and definitely made everyone have an enjoyable night, to say the least. As the night progressed, Anthony Green made his appearance and the crowd went wild. It was really a heartfelt moment to see everyone so excited to see such a talented artist come out and celebrate 10 years of an album that influence a lot of people in life. Anthony really had poured his heart out in his performance and never fails to amaze me. The look in his eyes as he sang each song with an energy out of this world; that was truly a moment in life where I could really understand how powerful his lyrics are and how he truly enjoys writing/playing music. As the night ended, everyone started to wind down and really take in how amazing this show came together. It was really cool to find out that all three bands worked together in each of the bands that performaned and all had such a unique/diverse sound they delivered. A moment to see everyone work together to create such an astonishing deliverance of music. This show was not disappointing at all and my favorite part of the night was just slow dancing and feeling the emotion in everyone that attended. That's what the bands delivered; a sincerely memorable night of compassion and memories. It was such a pleasure to attend an anniversary and witness some new bands that I really felt connected with.


Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions Album Review

Review by : Travis Downey

"Are you cool? Well I'm cool. Is everybody cool? Well let's get hot."

Clutch has always been a band that would either be perfect to tap your foot to, groove to, or start a bar fight to. "Book of Bad Decisions," released on their own label, Weathermaker Records, will make you do all three. The last few albums from Clutch have been a return to their 90's sound, going for a less Bluesy sound and playing straight groovy Rock N Roll, and this album is no exception. While "Earth Rocker" and "Psychic Warfare" brought back the faster style displayed in "Transnational Speedway League," "Book of Bad Decisions" sounds more like the perfect follow up to "The Elephant Riders." It's slower but grooves for days and has the feeling of 4 guys getting into a room to jam.

 It's worth noting that this might be the most produced album from them. The album opener "Gimme The Keys" starts with an almost Tool meets Nine Inch Nails intro before going into another Clutch classic. "In Walks Barberella" is the the perfect example of "weaponized funk," featuring a full horn section and a rhythm that's makes it impossible to stop bobbing your head. Other highlights include "Emily Dickenson," which slows everything down to a Sludge style tempo; the album closer "Loreiel," which shows the band displaying their psychedelic influences; and "Hot Bottom Feeder," which starts out with a steel guitar before going into a song that's about making crab cakes, which might be the most Maryland thing this band has ever done.

The bottom line is that if you don't like Clutch, this album is not going to change your mind. However, even casual fans of Clutch will find a diverse album that would be the perfect soundtrack to your end of Summer BBQ.


Boston Manor - Welcome to the Neighbourhood Review

REVIEW BY : Karyssa Leigh

Boston Manor fans rejoice! They’re next record, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood”, is set to release on September 7, 2018. With this new record, they experiment with sound and take a heavier, more mature sound that’s quite different from their record Be Nothing. Don’t be worried, they work the new sound well. Image if the old Boston Manor and The Neighbourhood made an album together.

The first song, also the title track, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood” perfectly introduces the sound and feel of the record; harder and clearer vocals, heavier and more powerful riffs, and a darker all around sound. The rest of the record has the same dark undertones with hints of the old Boston Manor you know and love, crossing the line from pop punk to emo.

The lyrics are also darker and carry more weight, allowing yourself to really lose yourself in the record. All around, the new sound works so well for the style of the band and truly shows their artistic ability.

This record puts them on the map as more than just a pop punk one-trick-pony aligning them with the likes of other pop punk bands such as The Wonder Years with their versatility



Review by Justin Piaoan

Memphis May Fire opens big on their new record BROKEN with their first single,” The Old Me”. This song sets pace the direction of where their sound is going, but yet reaffirms fans that they have that edge and heaviness still.

We are in an era to where metalcore is over saturated. So to stand above the rest there are few who have dialed back on chugs, screams and explore the pop sensibility side of the game.

To quote Stephen Hawking “Intelligence, is the ability to adapt to change.” And Memphis May Fire executes this with precision. Every song on this record flows and is perfectly placed within the track list. The sound is very reminiscent of “Blacklisted” by Life on Repeat and many bands who saw where the sound would be before it go to where it was.

If I were to pick my favorite tracks of this record, it would be “Sell my Soul”, “Fool”, and “Mark My words”. Instrumentally and vocally everyone shines. This is a great record for those feeling a little bit disconnected and lost to listen to right before the thanksgiving holidays hit. Broken by Memphis May Fire will be out November 16th! Pre order it now, you won’t regret it!


King Diamond - Songs for the Dead Live

Review by: Kyle Atkins

Two words, King Diamond. If you’re reading this, you should already know what to expect. ‘Songs for The Dead Live” is the newest King Diamond DVD/Audio release from Metalblade Records.

It includes two live performances from Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting in June 2016 and Philadelphia’s Fillmore in November 2015. Both sets are 18 tracks long and include hits such as “Halloween”, “Abigail”, “Sleepless Nights” and everyone’s favorite, “Welcome Home”.

The sound for each set is as consistent as a band founded in 1985 can be. Both venues are very different, one being outside and one being a concert hall and yet their sound is consistent and spot on in each performance.

From a perfect live mix to the perfect use of multiple cameras on stage this was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to!