Call It Home

Photo by Brittany Isaacson Photography

Photo by Brittany Isaacson Photography


About the band!

Call It Home is a Long Island-based group of 5 individuals who share an unconditionally mutual passion for music. Founded in 2012, the motivating goal behind the band has always been to to write music that combines the styles of hard-hitting, heavy breakdowns and poppy choruses to create a sound that many listeners can enjoy.

Call It Home has self-released 2 EP's and 2 singles to date. including their latest release, "Just A Dream," which was produced by Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios.

One of the most important qualities that has been significantly apparent throughout the years is the band's live performance. Call It Home will not stop at anything to ensure that their live performance leaves fans begging for more. Every detail heard in their studio recordings is successfully replicated in their live performance.

The band is composed of Chris Christofi (vocals), Jay Schwartz (guitar), Marty Marion (guitar), Dom Delfino (bass/vocals), and Jon Beane (drums). Throughout the years, they have shown an exceptional amount of progression with each release, making for an intricate and distinct sound that is appealing to all crowds. Songs such as, "Crystal Lake" and "Damage" seem to illustrate the band's wholesome sound, while tracks like, "Skin" and "Just A Dream" represent the diversity in which the band has been able to execute.



How did you guys meet?

We all me through different bands playing shows together. Some of those bands fell apart and we kind of pieced ourselves together.

How did you guys choose your band name? 

The band originally came from a list of different band names that were just random ideas. But over time, as we all took in the band as an escape from all the other bullshit in our lives, we realized the band is something we all consider a home to us, therefore, Call It Home.

Who are you biggest influences? 

Honestly we get influences from everywhere. The classic metal bands like Linkin Park, Korn, Slipknot. Newer bands as well and we do have a bit of a poppy side so we like to grab influences from pop artists as well like Katy Perry. 

What’s one of the craziest things to happen on tour or at a show? 

We've had a lot of crazy tour stories. Once we got stuck in a blizzard with another band and had to pull over to find a place to sleep. We ended up driving up an icy hill and both bands got stuck. We had to reverse both vans and trailers down the hill while cars where sliding into snow banks and crashing next to us. That was definitely one of the craziest.

What are you guys working on? 

We've been working on releasing our full length album for awhile now. It's been a long process but making it perfect and being able to release it to as many people as possible is going to be well worth the wait.

What’s your favorite venue to play? 

We love Thompson House in Newport, KY, Reverb in Reading, PA & one of our hometown venues Revolution in Amityville, NY is always an awesome time 

What venues would you want to play in the future? 

We'd love to play Chain Reaction in Anaheim. That's like THE venue everyone wants to play. Also the Masquerade in Georgia would be pretty tight and The Shelter in Michigan as well.

If you could tour with any bands who would it be? 

There's a lot of bands we'd love to tour with. I think one band we can all agree on is Slipknot. Those dudes are crazy and their live show is mind blowing. 


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