Outsider - When Love Dies EP Review


Review by Brittany Swigert

I recently had the opportunity to check out Outsider's new EP, When Love Dies. It was released August 2, 2019, under Flatspot Records and consists of five unique tracks. Lyrically, the songs are stellar. They are as much about introspection and solving personal problems as they are about the issues that effect those around us. I like that they took this route because it strengthens connections between the music, the band, and thier listeners. We are all going through something and it's validating to know we aren't alone in our struggle.

The first track, "Life Runs Out" opens with a killer instrumental mix that ramps up to some heavy screams. The vocals are pretty punchy and they really hype you up. Considering the vocalist noted the song was about procrastination, it's funny that it's such a good song to get motivated to do something you've been putting off. The instrumental breaks in the track gave me a classic metal vibe. I grew up listening to metal from the 80's so I felt right at home through those riffs.

"Path You've Earned" is the second track on the EP. It's fairly short but the instrumentals are fantastic. They are really consistent and have a great sound. The vocals are very much in line with the other screams throughout the collection.

The fourth track, "Mind of Misery", opens with some awesome drum work and a wailing guitar riff. The rest of the song proceeds to get even better. It is likely my favorite track on the EP. I love the flow of the song and the instrumentals are all incredible.

"Let Myself Go" is pretty heavy initially but it does have some great cleans as well. Again, I am reminded of the music from my childhood and it's just fantastic.

They close the EP with the titular track. It opens with a much softer tone, reminding me more of Alice in Chains than anything, bleeding in to a guitar riff reminiscent of Bush. That all comes current when the vocalist and drummer come on track. The screams and drum patterns feel much more modern and help to tie the EP in with newer releases.

All in all, this EP is certainly worth listening to if you haven't already. They have alot of shows lined up for the month of August in cities along the east coast. Be sure to check them out if you get the chance. They are sure to put on a great show.