One Less Life - Lily of the Valley Single Review

Review by: Brittany Swigert 

One Less Life is back and they are certainly not stopping any time soon. After they released Isolation in 2018 they have been a group we knew we had to keep our eyes on. Lily of the Valley is a non stop banger and we are so excited to hear what you thinking about it. It's super heavy with some fantastic deep growls. The instrumentals blend with the vocals for a powerful sound that shows that they haven't changed thier approach to the genre. While it keeps in step with earlier releases, this song also shows alot of growth and refinement to thier sound. It is truly an insane track and is perfect for any metal heads playlist. Face-melting guitar work, driving bass, and some pretty sick drumming create the perfect sound for the heavy screams. One Less Life releases Lily of the Valley in June 21st. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Michael Phillips