Sage Charmaine - Don't Leave Me Album Review


Review by: Alicia Dittman

16 year old Sage Charmaine will be a household name before too long, and this EP titled “Don’t Leave Me,” proves just that. Sage has a way of taking sexy lo-fi beats and pairing them with strong, forecful lyrics in a way that’s determined to make anyone who listens to it, just instantly like it. This 7 song debut EP features co-writers and production by Rocky Lynch of R5 and The Driver Era and PJ Bianco who is known for writing with Demi Lovato, and The Jonas Brothers.

The first song on the EP is called “Ashes,” which is a collaboration with Rocky Lynch. This song is a depiction of a relationship that just isn’t working out, but is difficult to walk away from. From a listening standpoint, you can feel the emotion behind the lyrics, and the soft instrumental pairs with it nicely to deliver a song that will indeed “put you into your feels.”

“happy birthday” is another breakup song, but a very different tone from the opening. This one has angst in it and is a defiant statement to someone who has wronged you. “I set fire to your yard, what were you expecting, a happy f***ing ending?”, is just one line from this song that I believe that everyone will be screaming along to sooner rather than later.

“hurts a little less” is the perfect song for windows down, music blasting drives. This song is one of those that sounds fun and danceable but when really listening to it, has deep lyrics that came from a place of hurt and heartbreak.

“Look Up 2 Me” starts with a syncopated beat that takes this listener back to the 80s in a way. This song is the opening song on her SoundCloud link. Relatable lyrics and a great beat, this song is it chief. Charmaine demands repeatedly in the chorus “I just wanna see you look up 2 me,” and if that doesn’t hit, I don’t know what does.

“don’t bother me” is probably my favorite song on this EP. It has a feature from lil aaron, and it can be taken either as a breakup song or just any sort of relationship gone awry. We have all had those times where we just want to be left alone, and this song is the epitome of that kind of mindset.

The title track closes out the album with more poppy vibes and lyrics that are, again, just super relatable. “don’t leave me,” is dancy and groovy, while adding in lyrics that talk about wanting to get away and trying not to lose that one person.

Altogether, this debut EP is strong, and Sage Charmaine is killing it at the young age she is at. Mature lyrics and beats that are sure to vibe with most people, stream this on your preferred platform and show this girl some love!

Michael Phillips