Emarosa - Peach Club Review


Emarosa dropped their new album today “Peach Club” and we can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed we are with it. We won’t sugar coat this! With the drop of the first single off the album, Givin Up, we were a little turned off by the new sound. It wasn’t until Don’t Cry was release that we realized what this strong pop sound really brought to the table.

Coming out of a music scene where metalcore seems to be all that matters, they’ve shown that they’re not afraid to jump into something new. Constantly evolving from their signature post hard core sound (Relatively), Emarosa has found their niche and everything about this album shines from it. We wanted to break down every song and go into crazy details about it but then we thought, what’s the point? This album slaps for a reason and there should be no spoilers! With funky bass lines and catchy synth rhythms Peach Club brings a whole new life to the name. And of course we couldn’t forget about the stupendous vocals of Bradley Walden.

Look at this album as a completely different band with the same name as the post hardcore band that had way too many frontmen. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael Phillips