Rise & Resist - Legacy EP Review

Title: Legacy
Written by: Rise & Resist
Recorded and Mastered by: Christopher Wiseman of Currents/Shadow of Intent

Alexander Crafts - Lead Vocals
Michael Bourbeau - Drums
Nick Brazil - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Tyler Cuzzone - Guitar
Luis WIlliams - Bass / Backing Vocals 

We got the chance to check out the new EP from the Connecticut band Rise & Resist. We honestly didn’t know what to expect with this, but we’re definitely surprised with them. This EP hits hard. Over the course of 6 songs, it packs enough solos and low screams to take us back to a time where Darkest Hour ruled the metal scene. Each song is different in its own way but brings the EP seamlessly together to form one hell of a ride. If you’re looking for something heavy mixed with intense breakdown and creative synths, you’ve definitely came to the right place.