Is A Giant - Hopefully

Is A Giant

Richmond, Va

Coming from an extensive music background with bands such as My Enemies and I and Hollow//Bodies, Evon of Is a Giant certainly knows his way around the music scene. This time he’s dropped the wildly distorted guitars and heavy breakdowns to bring us something new and fresh. Beautiful tones and immersive lyrics have definitely left us wanting a lot more of Is A Giant.

We recently got a chance to sit and discuss the meaning of the song. Here’s what he had to say!

”This summer had a lot of things happen unexpectedly and all at once. I felt like I was losing a lot of very important things and kind of shut my brain off for a little while. I've always played in heavier bands and music has always been an outlet for me to convey how I was feeling, but, everything I'd written was so aggressive. This time I wasn't angry. I was just trying to process so many different thoughts. So I just picked up a guitar and this stuff came out. "Hopefully" is about growth through loss. All good things have to come to an end. All you can do is live, learn, and hopefully grow. “