20 Male Concert Photographers You Should Be Following!

It’s that time again to grace you with a list of amazing creators! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram! 

Anthoni Grande

I'm a touring music photographer based out of London, UK.
Originally I was born in Spain but since underground music industry (if that's a thing) is quite dead there - only shooting a few festivals, small humble tours with a few bands and doing music videos from time to time. 
So earlier this year I got offered to shoot full time for an artist here in the UK which never kicked off but let me move to this country where things just work. The downside was being a no-one, alone in a new country so I had to get my name out there - hopefully thanks to some lovely people that believed in me and my work, in a few months I'm back at it with big already big plans for next year and hoping to be able to completely live off of this.
The rest is simple, influenced by mainly Elliot Ingham and Adam Elmakias got a camera like 3 years ago now, watched a lot of YouTube and started to comprehend what was happening when I pressed some buttons. Lots of clicks and messing with Lightroom later here I am.
I won't ever like my work as I'm too perfectionist in my opinion, but apparently there's people that do like and give me some feedback making me feel like a kid on Christmas - here's to make this a living!

Instagram: @anthonigrande

Steven Cook

I’m Steven Cook, an Adelaide (Aus) based music photographer, I’ve been shooting shows for about a year and a half now! 

Instagram: @_stevenrcook_


Gene Ramirez

My name is Gene, and I'm from Los Angeles, California, but really grew up all over the United States. I first got into photography around 2012 with my cousin Alex. He had a point and shoot canon powershot (can't remember the model) and needed a photo for one of his endorsements so he had me take the photo. He was so stoked on how it came out and really pushed me to pursue a career in photography. That Christmas, I bought a Sony a3000, and did some stuff here and there but nothing serious. For whatever reason, a few years after that, I decided to buy a Sony A7R. At the time I was living in San Antonio, Texas, and started photography full time. From there, I moved back to LA and kept networking and figuring out how to shoot more shows and work with some really talented friends and bands

Instagram: @isitastranger


Peter J-T

My name is Peter J-T and I am a concert photographer from Hartford, Connecticut.  I started about three years ago, and have been loving taking on new challenges ever since. My favorite part of what I do is the travel and meeting people along the way. Every day is a new adventure as a concert photographer, and I love that. I get to pursue my dream, learn from other people, and support artists along the way. I'm excited to see my work grow over the next few years and to see what else this journey has in store for me. 

Instagram: @PeterJTPhotography

Kevin Spielmann

My name is Kevin Spielmann, I’m from Aschaffenburg, Germany and I love working with bands as I am a musician myself. I create special concert photos, for example using a prism to crate reflections in my images. This is a great artistic idea? Yes! Try it. You are welcome. 

I shoot concerts for two years now. In 2019, I will be on some tours again and I couldn’t imagine anything better. I love the tour life, I love being with good people, I love art.

Instagram: @Kevinspielmann

Tony Truty

My name is Tony Truty and I'm a documentary photographer based in Illinois. I photograph a variety of subjects, but mainly focus on tragedy, history, and concerts. I've been attending shows since I was a child, but I did not start bringing my camera until early 2015. I wanted to remember shows in a more meaningful way. At first I did not think anything of it, but after bringing my camera to a few sets I fell in love with everything about it. Some of my favorite bands to photograph are: Jesus Piece, Vein, Turnstile, SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Every Time I Die.

Instagram: @tonytruty

Dieter Unrath 

I'm Dieter from North Jersey. I brought a camera to a local show four years ago for fun and kind of got hooked. Within three months I did my first tour and since then I've done almost two dozen more including Warped Tour three times. I've sacrificed a lot for my photography and in trying to pursue this career path, but I wouldn't trade the experiences and people I've met because of it for anything.   


Brandon Lane

I am a photographer based out of New York. As a forgetful person, I knew there were moments I never wanted to leave behind. This drives me as a photographer, to capture memories and allow others as well as myself to always have visual reminders of the moments in our lives. 

Instagram: @Brandonlame

Trevor Sweeney

My name is Trevor Sweeney and I'm currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been taking photos sense I was 18 and have been shooting concerts for five years now. 

Instagram: @trevorsweeny

Sinking Vessels Productions

Hello! My name is Hunter Lenoir and I am touring photographer from Connecticut. I've been running Sinking Vessels Productions since 2016 and I use it not only to showcase my work but to also give back to the New England music scene!

Instagram: @sinkingvesselsproductions

Matt Bender 

My name is Matt bender, I live in Austin, Texas and I love creating photo and video content for bands and touring. I’ve been shooting concerts since the beginning of 2017 and I haven’t looked back.

Instagram: @thebendermatt

Christian Sarkine

My name is Christian Sarkine and I am a 21-year-old photographer based out of Indianapolis, IN. I've been taking pictures since the beginning of 2016! There's nothing else in the world I'd rather do than take photos! 

Instagram: @christian.x

Ian Urquhart

I’m Ian Urquhart and I have been a music photographer for the past 2 years. The moment when I knew I wanted to be a music photographer was at a Bullet for my Valentine and Asking Alexandria concert in 2016 at the House of Blues in Boston. I would always see the photographers up front taking photos and I told myself that I was going to be one of those photographers one day. I lived in Montpelier, Vermont for a couple years and started taking photos at a venue called The Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont. This is where I began and learned how to photograph concerts. With time and more experience, I was able to regularly photograph shows at the Worcester Palladium and House of Blues in Boston over the course of these past two years. I am the photographer for a band called Saving Vice which has allowed me to grow exponentially as an artist/photographer. Concert photography is such a strong passion of mine and I hope to continue to do it for a long time. 

Instagram: @ian_urquhart


James Barbosa

I’m a Belgian photographer with a a dedicated passion for music photography, I started 4 years ago a project for school called Belgian Back Stage, to show to the people what’s the reality we were living as small bands. This year (2018) I decided to made it my main focus I have been on tour for almost 3 months, 2 in a row with Of Virtue (Us) and The Royal (Nl), and 3 weeks with Harmed (Hu). I wish to do more tours next year and continue to evolve as a tour videographer/photographer, I also have video clip projects so stay tuned.

Instagram: @Jameskbarbosa

Dylan Martin

I'm 22, from Melbourne, Australia. I've been in the music industry now for 18 months and professional for less than 12 now. I now work full time within the industry among music and other forms of photography. 

Instagram: @dylanmartin_photography

Erick Hernandez

I'm Erick Hernandez and I been shooting for about a year now. I fell in love with concert photography around the beginning of this year when I shot Stick to Your Guns. Seeing the way music brought people together that night was what made me want to capture those moments with my camera.

Instagram: @ErickHndz_Photography


Kishan Mistry

22 Year old music and sports photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. Been doing this thing for just over three years now.

Instagram: @_kishanmistry

Brandon Dacosta

Brandon Dacosta started shooting music photography at local shows in July 2017. His dream is to continue to build as a photographer and be able to photograph bands and artists all around the world.

Instagram: @brandondacosta

Jordan Massam

Hey what's up, my name is Jordan Massam and I am based out of York Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, I got into concert/music photography around 2 years ago because I always really liked Errick Easterday's work. Ever since then I tour a good bit shooting shows all over. So shout out to Errick for the inspiration.

Instagram: @jordanmassam

Alex Collins

My name is Alex Collins, I have been shooting concerts for close to 3 years now.  I’m from West Milford NJ and started off my career shooting a “battle of the bands” contest at my towns high school.  From there I shot my friends bands and since then, I have shot many large acts, toured around the United States, and shot the final run of Warped Tour!  I am a Media Productions major at William Paterson University and plan on being a DP (Director of Photography) later in life.  I currently shoot weddings on the side, as well as work a day job and shoot bands any chance I get.  My next goals are to tour again as soon as possible and work for a publication.

Instagram: @ajcphotographee