20 Female Photographers You Should Be Following!

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These ladies are definitely ones you need to keep an eye out for and should be following NOW! All of them are amazing and different in their own way. Show them big love! Instagram usernames are listed below their photo!


Michelle Ritzmann

My name is Michelle Ritzmann and I’m from a small town in Germany. I’ve always been a concert-goer but I didn’t get into concert photography until December 2017. Since then I’ve been taking every opportunity to shoot and I‘m growing with every single one.


Jenn Curtis

I’m currently New York based and have been doing concert photography for almost five years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


Ashly Nicole

I started taking photos when I was about 13, so I've had an interest from a young age, but whenever I was in high school I was super involved in Tumblr and started going to concerts. I came across photographers like Maysa Askar and Adam Elmakias and just said "I wanna do that!", so...I just did. I started photographing local shows and bands like Waterparks (they were one of my local bands), In Memory Of, and Alesana, then finally got to photograph my first Warped Tour in 2014, and it all sort of just snowballed (in the best way) from there. 


Emilie Mauger

My name is Emilie and I am from Paris, France. I’ve been a photographer for around four year now, and I always known I wanted to do music photography. I remember the first time that I was allowed to shoot from a photo pit, everything was happening so fast, the adrenaline, and the silence on stage versus the screaming crowd behind me...It was one of the happiest moment of my life! Ever since, at every concert that I shoot, I live for those « wow » moments, photos that can made you feel the same energy again, the same rush in your blood everytime you look at them. This photo is one of those, the band name is Faux Real (@isthisfauxreal), and it was the first time that I saw that much energy and connection between two band members. When they started holding arms I run in front of the stage and managed to take this picture just before they let go!


Alyssa Bycholski

I’m a music photographer from Connecticut and I started shooting shows over 2 years ago. The first show I photographer was Never Shout Never and after that I knew that this was all I wanted to do!


Nessa Deleto

My Name is Nessa and I’m a German based photographer with a passion for concert photography. I started two years ago to catch all my favorite artists and show everyone the passion i fail to put into words


Eleonora Chatzopoulou

My name is Eleonora Chatzopoulou and I'm a concert photographer based out of Athens, Greece. Growing up, I was the kid who would squeeze in the front row with her point-and-shoot camera trying to "capture" action on stage -not always successfully. I got involved with actual concert photography about 2.5 years ago when I launched the music website unraveled.eu and, what started as a necessity for photographs to accompany show coverage, quickly became a real passion and an integral part of my life.


Jen Miller

I’m Jen Miller, based in St. Louis. I moved here two years ago for concert photography. Along the way I’ve met so many amazing friends in the industry and have experienced some cool things. I love music and I love photography, so being able to capture people playing music and doing what they love makes it fun.


Marcia Zeledón

Hi, I am Marcia Zeledón, I am from Miami FL, and I have been a music photographer for a little over two years. I took a think tei class with Ashley Osborn and the rest was history.


Micala Herigon

I am a Missouri based photographer specializing in music and portrait photography. I have been shooting shows for  3 years and portraits for 8!


Brittany Isaacson

I'm a music and lifestyle photographer based in Connecticut. I got into music photography around 5 years ago when some friends played local shows, and I would show up with my camera. I ended up loving the idea of combining music and photography, and decided to pursue the hobby more seriously. Since 2015 I've had the opportunity to photography artists big and small and have met some awesome people along the way!


Catherine Patchell

I got started doing concert photography in Boston // New England back in 2015 but I recently moved out to San Francisco, CA. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel and meet people through concert photography and it has been exciting to begin to explore the Bay Area venues and music scene.


Adele Sakey

I am photographer capturing concerts in New York City, Boston and beyond. With five years of experience, I endeavor to infuse my personal style with the aesthetic of my subject to create reflective images.


Jade Alex

My name is Jade Alex and I am from Shreveport, Louisiana, but I currently live and shoot in the DFW. I shot my first show August of 2016 and I’ve loved it ever since!


Emily Gardner

Photography has always been a passion for me and I strive to do whatever I can with a camera. I dabble in a lot of different types of photography (lifestyle, fashion, etc.) but, I’ve been a concert photographer for a little over two years now. I started concert photography after graduating from MassArt in Boston with my degree in Fine Art Photography and taught myself from then on. I always want to learn, grow, and try new styles.


Kelsey Giesbrecht

My name is Kelsey Giesbrecht and I am originally from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, but relocated to Toronto, ON a few years ago to pursue a career in music. I've been photographing shows for about four years now, having picked up a DSLR after years of using a point and shoot camera at shows for fun. Taking photos at shows was something I always loved, long before I realized I could make a career of it. After professionally shooting my first few shows, I was hooked and the rest is history.


Nina Tadic

I'm based out of Northwest Indiana and have been shooting concerts for a little over three and a half years.


Michaela Kasselman

I’m Ky, a 22 year old music photographer from Texas. I’ve been in music photography for about a year and a half, but I’ve been going to shows since I was 1 and a half years old. Music has always been my passion and photography has always been my hobby. 


Ansley Cohen

I originally wanted to be a product photographer, but accidentally fell into music photography in 2015 with a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise and never looked back.  I’m a total sucker for genuine smiles, candid interactions, and one-of-a-kind moments.  I love meeting new people and always strive to produce images that are authentic, emotive, and unique to each personality that ends up in front of my camera.


Rosario Gutierrez

I am from Chicago IL and I have been shooting actively since 2014.